Orange County-Los Angeles rank top 3 in the nation for utility patents

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Orange County snapshot


  • According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s latest 2015 report, 140,928 utility patents were issued in the United States, with 28.5 percent coming from California.
  • Orange County-Los Angeles recorded 6,476 patents, ranking 3rd in the nation based on utility patent count. New York took 2nd at 7,754 and San Francisco-Silicon Valley took claim to 1st with 24,350 utility patents granted in 2015.
  • The top three companies based on number of utility patents issued were IBM (5,118), Qualcomm (2,534), and Google (2,382).
  • Patent counts based on class were led by drug/bio-medical compositions (7.0%), followed by multiplex communications (5.2%), digital processing systems (4.3%), telecommunications (3.9%), and database/data structures (3.9%).

Source: JLL Research, United State Patent and Trademark Office, ESRI

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