Meet Nancy Soo

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Glass ceilings? Closed doors? Not at JLL. We recognize the success and achievements of the amazing women throughout our firm. In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’d like to highlight a few of the strong, smart, and ambitious women of JLL. We appreciate them not only this month, but every day. We hope they inspire you like they inspire us.

Meet Nancy Soo
Nancy Soo is a Project Manager for the Project Development Services based in JLL’s Orange County Office. Nancy currently works on renovations of existing retail centers and ground up retail projects in the Irvine area. She previously managed other complex projects for a variety of clients including hospitality and healthcare.

How did you get into commercial real estate?
It was not planned. I majored in Architecture at UC Berkeley (GO BEARS!), worked for a San Francisco architecture firm in and was the project architect for a retail center in Irvine, commuting down to Orange County weekly for five+ years. I was offered a job opportunity in development and construction management, so I moved to Orange County and made a career change.

What is a typical day for you?
There isn’t a typical day which is what keeps the job interesting. Every day is different, filled with emails, phone calls, meetings, site visits, reviewing drawings and budgets. There is always something that needs to be reviewed, answered or resolved.

Who was the biggest influence in your life?
My parents. They provided a good foundation, taught me to study hard, work hard and do the best I can.

What was the best advice you’ve ever received?
There is always more than one way to solve a problem.

How do you measure success?
Professional success is earning respect and being a trusted advisor from your colleagues and peers.

How do you achieve work/life balance?
I’m getting better and still working on that! I am a recovering workaholic. Working long hours started during college in design studio.

How has JLL supported you as a woman in business?
JLL has supported me in my career with its diversity of employees. JLL’s success has come from the encouragement and celebration of the diverse perspectives which serves our clients and encourages me to achieve my ambitions.

JLL is supportive with the training that is available to me. There are also organizations that you can network with colleagues throughout JLL.

What advice would you give to young women who want to succeed in the workplace?
1. Be yourself.
2. Be honest.
3. Strive to do the best you can.
4. Investing in relationships is important. You cannot achieve anything in your life alone and at some point, you will need the help of others.
5. Be a team player.

What keeps me up at night?
Rain when my projects have site work going on.

JLL has been named one of the Top Companies for Executive Women for third straight year by the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE). Read more.

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