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Industry insights │Orange County Distribution and Logistics

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OC Distribution and Logistics: long-term strategies

Distribution and logistics firms greatly benefit from Orange County’s expansive reach to all of Southern California. Orange County’s ideal location is conducive to long-term success in distribution and logistics firms, with strong rent growth driven by its four main industrial submarkets. Watch what else JLL’s Steve Wagner has to say as he provides an in-depth insight into the distribution and logistics trends.

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If money doesn’t grow on trees, then where is it coming from?

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As a startup, its important to be located near the money, and certain regions offer greater access to venture capitalist firms than others. Access to these firms is essential in the early stages of the companies development. When these companies gain money not only do they grow in revenue but their real estate foot print also increases. Venture capitalists continue to view the technology industry as a good investment for future… Read More

Industry insights │Orange County manufacturing

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Orange County manufacturing: growing momentum in an attractive location

Manufacturing and the logistics and supply chain markets have driven Orange County’s growth. North and West Orange County specifically benefit from their deep labor pool and power utility to create long-term economic value.​ Watch what else JLL’s Louis Tomaselli has to say as he provides an in-depth insight into the logistics and supply chain market trends.

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Is the tech industry facing a labor shortage?

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The fight for talent. The race toward growth. The need for funding. The speed of innovation. These trends are top influencers in the tech industry and also have major impacts on a tech company’s real estate strategy.

Our four-part series of technology infographics will dive into trends, highlighting current statistics and challenges, industry insights and how real estate strategy is critical in driving growth, boosting profitability and mitigating risk.

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Industry insights │Orange County Law Firms

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Orange County Law Firms: efficiency in an attractive and diverse market

Local, regional, and national law firms benefit from Orange County’s attractive and diverse market including financial services, real estate, technology, and life sciences. Law firms are enabled to enhance flexibility and efficiency through Orange County’s attractive submarkets.​ Watch what else JLL’s Ryan Hawkins has  to say as he provides an in-depth insight into law firm trends.

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